You joined Twitter but you don’t get it or you don’t know what to tweet.

You think it’s too noisy, restricted and fast moving. And what’s with the 140 character limit? If I told you I use to feel like that about Twitter, would you believe me?

My goal with this course is to help you up-level your business and achieve the most incredible things just like I have.

For me, using Twitter for my businesses has been one of the most transformational things I have ever done. You may be thinking that’s a bit deep to say about Twitter but it’s true. It’s enabled me to host one of the most popular Twitter chat hours for pet networking, it’s allowed me to create friendships all over the world and it’s allowed me to create a business helping others. It’s ultimately led me to create the success and life that I envisioned for myself.

There is no overnight success, with any social media platform it takes time and consistency. However, the Twitter platform is so fast paced you can connect with hundreds of people within a short amount of time and make money.

The Twitter Course Includes

Short video and text tutorials, so if you only have ten minutes to spare one day you can still go through one of the tutorials. Plus, the content is highly actionable that makes it really easy for you to implement.

Workbooks and worksheet for you to fill in, apply your knowledge to your business and keep so that you can refer to them again and again.

A private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get help, support and feedback.

You Will Learn

How to set up your Twitter account and optimise your profile.

Learn what to tweet, when to tweet and how to analyse what is working and what isn’t.

Learn how to get the most out of participating in Twitter Chat hours.

Learn how to grab the attention of people who you want to connect and build relationships with.

Learn about third party tools that will help you save lots of time but keeps you in touch with your followers.

Plus much more

I would LOVE to help you to get to where you want in business a little faster.

I can’t work miracles, but I can be there to support you, answer your questions and to help you to keep heading in the direction of your dreams.

So, if you’d love that support and help then come and join us.

The Woof Woof Network Twitter Course is a self-paced course for pet business owners or “petpreneurs” who want to learn how to use Twitter for their business.

The best part is that its ridiculously affordable.

If you have any questions regarding the Twitter course then email me here >