• 5 Tips To Growing Your Twitter Following

    Do you have a Twitter account but don’t really see the point of it? You send out a tweet and nothing happens. You follow people but don’t have anyone following you in return?

    I remember when I first joined Twitter and felt completely overwhelm. I felt like this as it is so different to any other […]

  • Celebrating Our Third Birthday

    I can’t believe that Woof Woof Network is celebrating its third birthday. This year seems to have gone so fast but I guess time flies when you are having fun, right?!

    Over the past year I have seen Twitter chat hour #woofwoofwednesday grow. Every week new people are joining in as well as the lovely regulars. […]

  • Do you have atelophobia?

    A what, what? What the heck is atelophobia and how do I know if I have it?

    Panic not, it’s not some nasty disease that doing the rounds and taking unexpected entrepreneurs down. You may know if better as imposter syndrome.

    Imposter syndrome is common with high achieving people. You believe that you aren’t good enough, you […]

  • Instagram Stories For Your Pet Business

    Instagram stories is a feature on Instagram that lets you share moments from your day that you might not want on your profile. There is no need to worry about over posting and annoying your followers as Instagram Stories only lasts 24 hours. As you share multiple photos and videos they will appear as a […]

  • How To Get Perfect Professional Photos Of Your Pet

    1) Choose A Dedicated Professional Animal Photographer
    When you book a professional photoshoot for your pet it’s best to choose a photographer who has plenty of experience in working with animals. To make the session worthwhile the photographer needs to be calm and experienced, knowing exactly how to manipulate the situation for beautiful photos. Whether this […]


    What does it mean to be successful? Who decides if you are or not? And does being successful apply to one area of your life? Do you have to choose business success over personal success?

    To me there are many forms of success and it is measured differently. What may be successful to you may not […]

  • Shift Your Perception About Book Keeping

    Our Mission at Wise Owls Book Keeping is to shift your perception about the purpose of book keeping in your pet business.

    We often hear ‘It is what you make of it’. Sure, initially, it seems that book keeping is ‘dead time’.

    My mission is to invite you to challenge your thoughts on this. By doing so, […]

  • How Bruno Conquered Instagram

    Before we had Bruno I used Instagram mainly just capturing pretty things that I saw out and about on my travels and I also used to follow a couple of dogs on there too, dreaming of the day I owned my own pooch!
    So when Bruno finally became a reality (and a lifelong dream come true!) […]

  • Systemise Your Social Media

    I’ll be the first to admit that I love social media, however, sometimes it can be overwhelming and frustrating.It can be very distracting. Who has ever popped on Facebook to quickly check a notification and suddenly an hour has passed. *puts hand up*

    Social media should be a massive part of your business. It’s a great […]