Finding dream clients, managing a business, running social media AND staying on top of your real life can be pretty overwhelming you don’t have to do it all on your own. I’ve got your back.

I’m Katie Tovey-Grindlay, founder of Woof Woof Network. I help pet business owners attract their dream clients, boost their business and gain confidence.

I give advice, that’s practical and actionable on launching, building and growing a successful and profitable pet business.

Running your own business can be fun and I would love to prove it to you.

My Story

After leaving the Royal Navy my husband and I decided to get a black Labrador puppy, Bertie. I was job hunting for 8 weeks and finally found the perfect one. I was happy…. Bertie wasn’t.

He had separation anxiety as I had always been at home with him. A couple of dog behaviourist later, I still struggled to get the food shopping, let alone going out to work. It was a really stressful time and I was running out of money pretty fast. I thought it would be really great to get a job where Bertie could come with me. What a fantastic idea, only these jobs are dream jobs and are pretty rare.

What was I going to do? One day whilst out with my friend who is a dog walker, she turned to me and said “Why don’t you become a dog walker? You know lots about dogs and would be great”

Serious light bulb moment!

I set up my own dog walking business and I have to admit I was feeling pretty impressed with myself. But the customers didn’t come flooding in. Did I put the wrong telephone numbers down? Did I put the wrong email address? No, both correct.  I needed money to pay bills and I literally had NO customers.

One day whilst waiting for the phone to ring, I was sat on Facebook watching a video on the power of social media. That was it, I knew had to understand social media, online marketing and know what my customers wanted. I booked myself on some courses and within three months I went from zero clients to being fully booked for the year ahead and that’s never changed.

But it wasn’t plain sailing, I had many ups and downs and a steep learning curve. Including how to stop comparing myself to strangers on the internet, overwhelm and what to do when a Beagle runs off into the woods after a scent!

By becoming confident on social media, understanding online marketing I was able to network on Twitter and start the Twitter chat hour #woofwoofwednesday. During #woofwoofwednesday I kept seeing the same questions being asked from pet business owners on how they could get more clients and get their products/services out there. This lead me to set up Woof Woof Network I am so honoured to be able to help pet business owners from all over the world.