Three Tip Tuesday- Graphic Design For Your Pet Business

Do you see some graphics on social media and swoon over them? Do you wish that you knew how to create graphics like that for your pet business but don’t know how?

When I started Woof Woof Network, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t great at creating graphics for my social media platforms.

How our brand looks and feels to our clients is so important. We want it to look amazing and do a great job at representing what our business is all about. But we aren’t graphic designers!!

Louise Clark, founder Designsta, an online design platform for entrepreneurs and creatives, shares her three tips on creating graphics for your pet business.

In this video Louise shares tips on:

-What is graphic design
-Font pairing
-Colours to use on graphics

Plus lots more!

Watch the video below

Louise’s Three tips

1 – Keep it clean

When it comes to creating your graphics for social media you don’t need to include everything on one graphic about your business, product or services. Create multiple graphics so that you don’t overwhelm your audience with too much information. Your graphic should have a lot of white space and only a small about of text.


2 – Fonts

Ensure that your fonts are readable and not too fussy. Remember that you only have a very short amount of time to catch someones eye on social media. If it’s not clear or easy to read, people will keep on scrolling.
Try not to use too many fonts on one graphics. Stick to one or two fonts and be consistent with the same fonts.
Be careful when it comes to the colour of your text. You don’t want it too bright as people won’t be able to read it. You want it to pop out.


3 – Always include a call to action

What is the next step that you want your audience to take? It may seem obvious to you but it might not be to your audience. Include a question or tell them where they can download a freebie or find out more information.
When creating graphics always make sure that you have your website on it so people know where to find you and they don’t have to go looking. It there in front of them.

What problems do you have with designing graphics for you business? Let us know in the comments below

More information on font pairing:

Find Louise over at Designsta: :

I’ll see you next week for another Three Tip Tuesday

Katie x

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