Three Tip Tuesday- How To Be More Productive In Your Pet Business

Do you feel like you are always rushing around, stressed and don’t have enough time to do everything that you want to do for your business?

Productivity Coach, Jo Bendle joins me for this weeks Three Tip Tuesday. Jo shares her tips on how to be more productive in your pet business. Is important to know that you don’t need a complex system to be productive.

Tip One- Embrace imperfection. When you start embracing that really good is good enough it will save you so much time in life and in business. Not everything has to be perfect.

Tip Two- Start your day with a bang. What are your most important tasks of the day and work through them.

Tip Three- End your day with a bang. Review your day and work out what needs to be achieved tomorrow.

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When it comes to being productive, what do you struggle with most? Leave a comment below to let me know

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