Three Tip Tuesday – Copy Writing For Your Pet Biz

Finding the words to put down on your website can be difficult. You don’t want to sound like a life-less machine but at the same time sounding like a crazy dog (or cat) lady isn’t going to cut it with your audience.

Laura “the wordsmith” Robinson from has come to the rescue and shares her 3 top copywriting tips. We had a lot of fun creating this video and I hope you find it really useful.

Laura’s Three Tips


1. Keep a folder (physical or virtual) of your best ever writing. The pieces that made you feel all warm and glowy inside. They don’t have to be epic masterpieces. We are often at our most engaging when bashing out a short Facebook post.  Whenever you need to get yourself in the mood, spend some quality alone time with your folder of writing goodness.


2. Don’t write and edit at the same time – you will break your brain. Watching an idea generation session on any episode of The Apprentice makes my heart sink. Nobody can come up with anything even remotely creative because every idea is picked apart, shouted down and ridiculed on the spot. If you try to edit your writing as you go along, you are having the same affect on yourself. Your inner critic will smoosh your creativity. Write it. Take a break. Read it. Take a break. Edit it. Take yet another break. Read it again.


3. Use more than words. If writing’s not your thing, use other media to communicate your message. Share behind the scenes photos. Draw out a doodle explaining your point. Record a video of you talking through what you want your audience to know. But remember, for blog posts and website content it’s always a good idea to add text introductions and conclusions because search engines can’t read your photo or video all that well.


Which page of your website do you struggle with the most? Please leave a comment below to let us know or if you have any copy writing questions. Laura will answer them for you

You can find more about copy writing for your business and more from the word smith Laura Robinson at

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