How To Make Most Of The 2018 Pet Calendar

Running your business single-handed is hard work and even harder to be consistent when producing content for social media and blog posts.

You try to be super productive but after a while you get stuck on what to post and loose motivation. You get fed up or posting out the same things all the time and lack inspiration.

If this sounds like you, rest assured you aren’t the only one. I hear this all the time from business owners. Being consistent with social media and blog posts is really important.

I created the 2018 Pet Calendar to help you with content. It’s full of national days, pet holidays, event and date that you can use for your social media posts and blogs.

I’ve listed below some ways that it can help you.


1. Never feel uninspired again

The Pet Calendar is divided into month-to-view featuring key international, national, celebrations days and events. No more scratching your head and panicking about what to post or write about. Use them to entertain, educate and engage your audience.
Not only will it help you with inspiration throughout 2018. Each month I will be sending you an email with blog and posts ideas that you can use for your business.


2. Save time and plan ahead

If your always stuck for time like many business owners are, the Pet Calendar will help you plan ahead and batch content. It will allow you to write blogs for national days or weeks ahead of time and give you the opportunity to pitch your story to the media in time for the national days/week.


3.You’ll be more consistent

Each month you will be able to look ahead to see what posts and blogs you need to create. You’ll know what you are posting and when. All you need to do is take the time to map out your content.


4. More customers

When you are creating more content and posting more frequently on social media you will be seen by more people. Plus if you are creating current content it is likely to get shared. All will result in more eyes on your business and sales for your business.

So if you would like to be inspired throughout 2018 for your marketing you can buy a copy of the Pet Calendar here

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