Best Dog Walking Wear

As it’s National Dog Walking week I thought I would share with you some of my favourite dog walking gear for human and hound.

As winter is approaching coats, wellies, dog coats, fleeces and drying coats are on the front of my mind.

Human gear

I have different coats for different seasons so for the autumn I tend to wear a lightweight coat. I have the Welligog Navy wax jacket which has the prettiest floral lining. Sorry to all the chaps reading this. I suggest you check out Barbour who always have the best lightweight coats.

Now if you aren’t concerned about style but want something that will keep you warm then I highly recommend checking out the Berghaus 3 in 1 coat. I purchased one a few years ago and it has kept me warm throughout the coldest morning and the rainy winter days and nights. Not only is it waterproof but it’s also windproof. It also has a million pockets for poo bags, treats, your phone and gloves.


I do love a good pair of wellies and if they are pretty or fun then I can’t resist them. The first pair is from Muckboot -RHS special edition. I’m a big fan of Muckboots for both men and women (although I’m guessing not many of you chaps want the RHS ones). Long lasting and super comfy, these are the only wellies that I will wear in the winter because they are literally the only wellies that keep my feet warm.


How cute are these wellies from Joules? Perfect for an autumn walk in the rain. I just love the dog design on these.

Ok, that’s enough about us humans. On to the good stuff, dogs!


The Dogs

Sometimes it’s not much fun walking your dogs in the winter, soggy dogs from rain or snow. For those who are in more rural locations, there is the mud to contain with as well.


Country and Twee do some really smart coats for all dogs from the smallest of breeds to the largest breeds. No dog has to miss out on style due to their size.

Photo Credit: Country and Twee

I’m also a big fan of Equafleece jumpers and tankie’s. 100% rainproof, breathable, warm and washable, but also incredibly comfortable perfect if your dog feels the cold.

My new favourite thing for my dogs in the winter is dog robes- yes, a dressing gown for dogs. It’s amazing, especially if you have to get your dogs into the car after a walk. Who wants dogs shaking in the car? That is probably my least favourite thing about being a dog owner- mud splatters inside of the car.


With a dogrobe it’s a really easy way to dry your dog off and at the same time, it keeps them warm.

Photo Credit: Dogrobes

Have you tried any of the products? Do let me know?


Did I miss anything that I should know about that you can’t go on a dog walk without?

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