How To Beat The Summer Slump

Summer is here and it’s so easy to focus less on your business and instead enjoy time with family and friends on warm summer evenings.
I going to show you how to beat the summer slump by planning your social media for July and August with ease by following five easy tips. Then day out and warm summer night can be enjoyed without the guilt of not working on your business.

1. Scheduling your social media doesn’t have to be complicated. I schedule my Facebook posts using the schedule feature within Facebook.

2. Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t have a schedule feature. I like to use MeetEdgar, it is a little pricey so if it’s out of budget I recommend trying Hootsuite or TweetDeck.

3. Create categories
When scheduling and planning your social media posts it is much easier to create categories such as blogs, tips, facts, quotes, questions, photos, memes, promotional etc

Action: Identify your social media categories

4. Create content
In order for you to be super organised this summer you will need to create your content in batches. No more creating content last minute.
On your computer create folders for your social media categories. Then create lots of tips, quotes, facts etc and save in the relevant folder. Over time you can continue to add to the folders.

*Don’t forget to reuse your content especially your blog posts. I resume content all the time and it still gets likes and gets retweeted because I know my audience enjoys it and just because I posted it once doesn’t mean that my whole audience will see it.

5. Create a schedule
Without a social media schedule there isn’t much point in batching content because it will still feel overwhelming and messy.
To create a schedule work out how many times you want to post on each social media platform per day. When do you want to post on social media and what are you going to post?

I have created a downloadable schedule for you to print off and fill in, please enter your details below to access the free downloadable schedule.

I hope these five tips will help you beat the summer slump and make you feel less stressed when it comes to your business. You have worked hard on your business all year round so don’t let the summer stop you in your tracks.

Social media is such an important part of business and an incredible way for us to connect with our audience..

I would love to know what is your favourite social media platform, leave a comment below along with a link to your account.

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