Creating A Marketing Tool Kit For Your Pet Business

New and existing clients should be able to immediately recognise your brand by looking at your marketing material, social media posts and website. Every piece of content you create should look the same and have the same feel.

Do you see a post on Facebook and instantly know what the brand is? That is a great example of a strong brand.

You can achieve the same by creating a marketing tool kit for your business.

You will need to create a few things to achieve a marketing tool kit for your pet business.

Colour scheme

Create a colour scheme for your business, this should consist of around 4-5 colours. You can get some inspiration from or . Both of these websites allow you to lift the hex codes (the website code for colours). Ensure you use the same colours for your marketing material, website and social media posts.


Pick a few fonts to use for your business. Choose fonts that work well together and that represent your brand personality. Is your brand serious or fun? Boutique or budget?

A really important thing is do ensure that all of your fonts are readable. Some of the trendy hand written fonts can be hard to read. Have a play around with some fonts until you think you have the right combination.


Your logo should be simple and instantly recognisable. It should also be easy to read and minimalistic. It’s always good to have a version of your logo with your company slogan and also one without.

When you post anything out on social media ensure that it has your brand colours. You have used one of your chosen marketing fonts and not just a random one. You have your logo on it. The golden rule is remember to be consistent!

Download the workbook below to create your marketing tool kit for your pet business.

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