Five Tips On How To Grow Your Dog Walking Business

You started you dog walking business, most of your friends and family are questioning you. This is your passion, this is what you want to do and you will make it a success, right?

I often get asked how can I grow my dog walking business and attract more clients? Below I have given you five tips that you can put into practice straight away.

Dogs attract other dogs

Do you have your own dog? If you do great, if you don’t you need to borrow a friends dog and fast! You could offer your friend free dog walks for a set amount of time in exchange for a reference. I always find that 2-3 dogs always get responses like, “are they all yours?” or “you have got your hands full” Take those comments as a positive and see as an opportunity to tell that person that these are not all your own dogs. You are a dog walker and run a local dog walking business.  Ask them a little about their dog, people LOVE to talk about their dog! Be sure to give them a business card.


Try to walk around the same time everyday at the same places. You will soon get to see the same people day in, day out. Say hello to them, talk to them about their dog, local news, the weather if you need to. Just make sure you mention that you are a dog walker.

The theory behind this is, one day they may need a dog walker or one of their friends may say I need a dog walker, do you know any? They will then say, yes i do!!


Network with other dog walkers in your area. The vast majority of them are very friendly and usually a well established dog walking business are happy to help out a business that have just started. I mean don’t going asking them for their clients.  Let them know that you are looking to take on new clients and the areas that you cover. Hopefully some business will get passed your way if they are unable to take on that client or if that dog walker doesn’t cover that area.

Extra Tip: Take a look at a local map and see what areas your want to cover? How far are you willing to travel from you house to pick up a dog? Then from the clients house , how far away is the park? Factors all to consider!

Share Your Business Cards

With permission put your business cards up in local vets,  dog groomers, supermarkets, shops and any other notice boards that are around. The more people that know about your business the better. Go on local Facebook groups and promote your business. There is usually a local business page, selling page or dog community group. If there isn’t a local dog community Facebook group to you, why not set one up?


Create a Twitter account for your business and connect with local people as well as people far and wide. Tweet using your location as a hashtag e.g. #Bristol or #BS1 that way other people who are searching that hashtag will find you. There is also a great pet networking hour on twitter called #woofwoofwednesday it allows you to connect with those in the pet industry as well as pet owners.

Download your free workbook to go with the five tips on how to grow your dog walking business

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