The Secret Solution

Building a business is hard, there is no denying that it feels like a rollercoaster. Some days you are at the very top feeling really good about everything in your business. The next day you going down a big dip and feel like you want to give up on your business or that it’s never going to work.

You suddenly find yourself having to learn skills and it feels completely overwhelming. Never in your wildest dreams did you think you would need to create graphics, photography, learn social media for business, marketing, PR or become a bookkeeper when you set up your pet business.

I want to tell you its not as difficult or as complicated as you think.

All of these things are achievable. You have to remember that you can’t be good at everything straight away. If you wanted to learn how to speak Japanese you wouldn’t expect to be able to have a conversation after a month of starting classes. Learning something new takes time so give yourself a break and if you need to ask for help.

Take a moment to write down all the things you have learnt since starting your business. It’s pretty amazing how far you have come.

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with asking for help in any aspect of your business. I ask for help in my business on a weekly basis. I know that I can’t do everything or be good at everything, so instead of struggling I get help.

I’m afraid to say that there is no secret solution on how to run or build a successful business. What may work for you, may not work for someone else. I do know that creating a weekly plan and breaking it all down into manageable pieces helps but if you only do one thing every week it should be to stay consistent.

Be consistent with every element of your business and be consistent with taking action to move your business forward. Be careful not to go for quantity over quality. Do what you feel you can do and don’t over commit yourself or over stretch yourself as burnout can come fast.

When you stay consistent with you business, momentum builds.  For example every day I post on Facebook and Twitter. Every week I will send out a newsletter and #woofwoofwednesday Twitter chat hour will take place.

If being consistent with everything in your business feel scary or overwhelming. Choose one thing.

Leave me a comment below to let me know what you are going to be consistent with.


  • Morgan Moses

    Posting regularly on twitter and instagram! Instagram is where most of my customers are, and I would love to expand and get customers from Twitter as well! I also want to continue to be consistent with photos and updates of new products! Thanks for this blog post!

  • Jon

    Love this! I’m growing each week and am finding new areas I need to work on and develop and sometimes it’s very hard, but focusing on doing a few things well is helping! I tweet, gram and Facebook daily to ensure I have great contact with my customers!

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