Good Vet And Pet Guide – How They Made It In Biz

Chris from The Good Vet and Pet Guide talks to Woof Woof Network on How They Made it in Biz

The Good Vet and Pet Guide is an online directory and resource for pet owners looking for a pet service in their local area or pet products from an online retailer. They can search, read or submit their own reviews on businesses listed on the Good Vet and Pet Guide.

How did you come up with the idea of Good Vet and Pet Guide?

Six and a half years ago we were recipients of not very good vet care with our dog and we campaigned to get the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 reformed by parliament. We realised we were not going to get the law changed to incorporate veterinary negligence so instead we created a platform where people could tell us about good vet services in their area.

People feel passionate about writing reviews. We only ever publish good vet reviews.

We have evolved to include other related pet services such as:

canine massage, physiotherapy, grooming, pet transportation, pet sitting, boarding, dog walking, retail, holistic therapies, training and behaviour, dog shows, animal charities and pet friendly destinations.

Did you have any social media experience before starting the Good Vet and Pet Guide?

Sarah used to do the social media for The Pet Spa within Harrods, sharing lots of cute pictures of pampered pooches. Sarah has worked in the pet industry all of her life, so knows how it works and what people like to see on social media.

How did you raise awareness and market your business?

We put out things on our social media account that we would like to read and find interesting. It has to be positive, engaging and responsive.

We found that we have built a community and that’s what social media is all about, building relationships with your customers. Spend some time on what your customers are saying, what they are interested in, along with relentless activity.

I think you must be passionate about your business due to the time and energy it takes. There are no shortcuts, nothing beats handwork and positivity.

What is your biggest challenge whilst running your business?

Our biggest challenge has been building a Twitter following. Facebook grows slowly but Twitter is so different. You have to put it a lot more effort into Twitter and spend a lot of time on it and engage, engage, engage.

How do you stay motivated in your business?

We love what we do, the people in the pet industry are unlike anyone else, they love animals and we love animals. We never have a dip in motivation because we truly love and believe in what we do.

What is your favourite business resource?

Our favourite business resource is TweetDeck. It’s really great to use and perfect if you are on a budget.

You can find the Good Vet and Pet Guide on Facebook and Twitter or at

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