The Importance of Healthy Grooming

It’s fair to say that with the recent dog food revolution, most of us caring owners are willing to pay more for a better of natural, healthy pet food. However the same care and consideration is not often given to what ingredients are in the products we put onto our pets.

Yet using the right products on your dogs coat and skin can be just as important in maintaining good overall health. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body. Bathing a dog stimulates circulation, removes dirt, oil build up and dead skin cells. Picking the correct shampoo is therefore key to maintaining a healthy coat and skin. But picking the best product isn’t as simple as you might think…

Why Human Shampoos can be Harmful

It is important to use a specially formulated dog shampoo because human skin pH is different to canine. Many wrongly assume that baby baby shampoo s gentle enough for dogs and puppies, but the truth is that they will disrupt the natural skin barrier, which will eventually dry and severely irritate your pets skin.

Synthetic Dog Shampoos

Many cheap, highly synthetic dog shampoos are not a lot better for the coat or skin than human shampoo is. This is due to the weak regulations on pet cosmetics. Dog shampoo is actually regulated under the same category as household cleaning products!

Most synthetic shampoos work by stripping the dirt, but also the natural oils and synthetically replacing them with silicon in their conditioner, to simply create the allusion of a healthy, silky and shiny coat. They subsequently cause moderate to severe dermatitis (eczema), from which many in the grooming community also suffer, from excessive use. These harsh chemicals can also cause other internal problem because the skin is externally porous and absorbs the toxins. Many will leave a residue, which continues to harm your pet after the product has been washed off.

The Natural Alternative

Natural products are far less likely to strip natural oils, which is why it is often far better to use high quality natural based products on the fur and skin. A natural conditioning shampoo would be the best choice, but not all shampoos are made equal either. the unfortunate truth is that creating a natural product is more expensive to produce than a synthetic one. The cheaper the natural product, the lower the quality of ingredients, which affects the quality of the wash but also the genuine benefits they give to the coat and skin. You really will get what you pay for, when is comes to pet shampoo.

What is Natural

Beware of misleading advertising for natural products. According to Trading Standards, there is no such thing as a 100% natural cosmetic product. Natural ingredients have to undergo a process to be manufactured into a product and are therefore actually “100% naturally derived”. So don’t be fooled into thinking one claiming to 100% nature is better then one stating derived.

Qualities To Look For

When looking for a good quality pet shampoo, make sure it is naturally derived and of human grade quality. It is also important that it is made in the UK because we have very high cosmetic standards, so you can trust in the quality. They should not need a separate conditioner, because those of the highest quality will cleanse, moisturise and condition the coat, without stripping the natural oils.

What Our Friends at Precious Pets London Say

 “We understand that many animals have extremely sensitive skin and a different pH balance to humans. This is why we ensure that the ingredients in Precious Pets products are made with the highest quality of naturally derived ingredients and to the same standards as EU Human Cosmetics, right here in the UK, under strict regulations. They are made from extracts if coconut oil, aloe vera, oats and vitamins B5, which will cleanse, moisturise and condition the coat and skin”

“We at Precious Pets believe that an increase in awareness about pet products is the way forward. Knowing what you’re putting on your precious pet is important; after all, they’re a member of the family too. If it isn’t good enough for us then it shouldn’t be good enough for them!”

To find out more about Precious Pets London and their products visit their website

Precious Pets London

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