Have Afternoon Tea With Your Dog

Do you enjoy going to afternoon tea with your friends and family but have to leave your beloved pooch at home? Well now thanks to Woof & Brew you can have afternoon tea at home with your dog!

afternoon tea with woof woof network Woof & Brew have made a range of teas that are specially formulated for dogs. They all have health benefits and are nutritionally balanced for your dog, so it isn’t just a gimmick.

The tea come in little tea bags in pouches of seven or twenty-eight. With a range of blends that benefits senior dogs, skin & coat, adult dogs, fresh breath and even one that prevents burns marks on the garden lawn. There is a very special blend available for posh pooches, which claims to be the champagne of teas!

To make the tea you just put the tea bag into 250ml of boiling water then add 750ml of cold water. Never serve the tea hot make sure you leave it to cool down before allowing your pooch to drink it.

My dogs have tried the fresh breath blend. I must say that it does take them a couple of times to get use to the smell and taste but after that they just love it. I like the fact that it does exactly what it says on the packet; it does keep dogs breath fresh! So when they want to get up close, I don’t have to hold my breath.

Woof & Brew is available to purchase from Mr Barker

Toby is the chief tea taster at Mr Barker Pet Services. toby tea taster   Has your dog tried Woof & Brew? We would love to know what your dog thought of it!


  • Amanda & Miss Darcy

    Well miss Darcy tried them all at a dog show & didn’t appear that keen on them, but loves my tea lol! Perhaps she needed to get used to the smell?

  • Ruby

    I loves a brew! I will be keen to give this cuppa a try!

    • admin

      Yes, do give it a try if your dog loves tea! Lots of different flavours that all have different health benefits

  • Sarah

    What a fab idea! I love tea and my dogs so going to give it a try 🙂

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